My New Heels!

  1. This sale season is killing my cc. :rolleyes: But I :heart: the shoes that I bought! Here're are two of the latest purchases!

    I hope you girls like them as much as I do! :love:
    gucci1.jpg gucci2.jpg miumiu2.jpg miumiu3.jpg
  2. They're so pretty. Congrats. I love the first pair, and the color of the 2nd pair is gorgeous.
  3. I absolutely love the chrome plated heel and the marina detail on the Guccis, very relaxed and chic! Nice colours on the second one!
  4. congrats! love them both
  5. Pixel love your new shoes! Congrats!
  6. both. hot.
  7. they are both gorgeous!
  8. Holy Cow! The Guccis are GORGEOUS! The MiuMiu too! Congrats!
  9. Love those Guccis!!
  10. OMG, those Miu Miu are sooooo hot!!
  11. thanks ladies. :smile:
  12. Forgot to ask where you got them?
  13. Ditto! Both pairs are gorgeous :drool:
  14. this store in melbourne australia. 30% off! ;)
  15. I love love love those Miu Miu's! :drool: