My new Gucci stuff!

  1. gucci.JPG vintage gucci.jpg
  2. really like the first one!!
  3. Congrats on the pretty new bags!
  4. That vintage piece is gorgeous- so prim and proper! What a find!
  5. Thanks, I never thought of myself as prim and proper, but the condition of the bag was too amazing to pass up. I don't know what era it is from.
  6. You'r darn right you had to show us, I LOVE that hobo, been eyeing it forever! Congrats!!
  7. i saw a hobo like that in the gucci store here.. its name is Hasler right? may i ask how much you got it for? the one i saw though has a dark green leather trim with agreen/purple/green sig. web from the past fall/winter collection :smile:
  8. ohhh i love that gucci with lock and key georgeous !!
  9. I bought the Gucci second hand for $575 on the dreaded Ebay, on the store they were $920, but they didn't have any new ones available.
    I had the seller send me a lot of extra pics first to make sure it was legit.
  10. congrats, i love the right one! :love:
  11. Beautiful bags, enjoy them!
  12. I have that first Gucci in the guccisima leather and it's a great shape. I saw your exact one on a show on the Style channel last night!!!
  13. Thanks you made my day!
  14. Oh! Theyre both oh so gorgeous :heart:
  15. oooh, very pretty! congrats on your new bags!