My new goodies from E-Lux!

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  1. This is my first ever NEW LV items. Everything I have owned prior were purchased from Mypoupette sellers. Since I do not live anywhere near a LV store, I have never seen a brand new bag IRL. I was shocked at how white the patina is! Here are pics of my treats! I included the last pic of my Speedy 30 with my other two mono bags to compare the patina on them.

    The bracelet is HUGE! I love it, but wow, I was not expecting it to be so big.
    lux1.JPG lux2.JPG lux3.JPG lux4.JPG lux5.JPG lux6.JPG lux7.JPG lux8.JPG lux9.JPG
  2. I love the new white leather on LVs. Did you buy the bracelet from elux as well? It's sooooo gorgeous!
  3. CONGRATS on your first new LV bag!! Don't you just love the virgin vachetta?? And the inclusion bracelet and keychains are gorgeous!!
  4. Wow, Becca, love your new purchases!!!! Congrats and enjoy!
  5. DaYummmm ...........:love: nice haul!
    I am soooooo in love with everyones Inclusion things:heart: :heart:
    :yahoo: Congratulations:yahoo:
    Don't you love opening those little drawer boxes:yes:
  6. Yes, it was the very last one they had in stock.

    I also ordered a cerises pochette from 1-866-vuitton but that has not arrived yet. :sad:
  7. I am drooling...:love:
  8. Great purchases!! Especially love the keychains and bracelet!!
  9. Thanks for posting Becca! I love the inclusion bracelet!
  10. Wonderful purchases :smile: Congrat's.
  11. OMG your new goodies are absoulutely gO:huh:O:huh::huh::huh::huh::huh::huh:orgeos!! :yahoo:
    beautiful new speeeeeeeeedy!! congraaaaaaaaaaaaaaats!! :wlae:
    I didnt know those cute key rings are TDF till i saw your pics!! :tender::love: :girlsigh:
    i can see you attached one to your speedy!! :shame: <lovely lovely lovely!!>
    do you plan on using the other one by any chance? if not.. i can :P loo:huh:o:huh:oo:huh:o:huh:oo:huh:oool
  12. Fabulous!!! Beautiful pieces.
  13. Great purchases! Enjoy!
  14. I love everything, including your older pieces! You have a great collection of mono items!
  15. Congrats on your new items!