My new gladiators so excited!!!!


What do you think of my new shoes

  1. Loves it!

  2. Its ok

  3. Hate them!!

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  1. helllllllo
  2. Congrats! I think they look great on you. Great buy!
  3. :yucky:
  4. I'm sorry but:throwup:- But who cares what I think, if you love them thats all that matters~ Have Fun!
  5. I love them!! Perhaps another nail polish color would look better, though! Rock them, girl!
  6. I think they are adorable.
  7. They look good on you.
  8. I think they are pretty...and will work great with the right outfit!!! Long flowy skirt and tank top....wide leg capri pants....there is a lot that you can wear those with!
  9. cute!! not for me! but cute
  10. hope you have fun with them! i'm siding with the nays--they're definitely not something i could pull off.
  11. Loves