My New Found Love

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  1. Hi.. This is what I have been waiting for since last Saturday night. Finally she is here.


    Yes, this beauty is from Let-Trade. And thanks to my DH, this beauty get to meet all of you. Thanks, hon :heart:
  2. Omg lovely Congratulations.
  3. Omg just gorgeous, congrats! I love the Mizi Vienna in Aubergine!
  4. I only see the box and dustcover?
  5. ^^ You have to move to the right:yes:

    Gorgeous - congrats
  6. :nuts: Congrats! The aubergine is the best colour IMO. :love:
  7. It is beautiful. Congrats!
  8. Hi, everyone :smile: I am so happy to have her with me :yahoo: It was hilarious when the delivery guy showed up at my front door, I was like give me, give me :nuts: Thanks for all your kind words :love: I am so in love now :girlsigh: And, yes, all my bags talk to each other and know each other does exist :shame:​
  9. I think I am in love? :P

    Congrats!!!! :biggrin:
  10. Wooooow. This is one of my DREAM bags!! Congrats!!!!
  11. wow, its really gorgeous! congratulations
  12. So pretty! Are you going to model it?
  13. wow congrats!
  14. wow congratz!!
  15. Forgot to scroll across, whoops. Nearly missed out on seeing one hell of a bag...congrats!