My new flats!

  1. LOVE THEM:tup:
    Keep them both :smile:
  2. thanks!! i am! i wore the gray ones already. they sorta hurt but im breaking them in.
  3. I am glad for you!! They both look KILLER :rochard:
  4. WO, there was a great deal.
  5. Great deals! Congrats!
  6. Great find!
  7. Do the gray and brown ones run true to size? I'm usually a size 7 when shoes run whole size but when half sizez I'm a curious about these..thanks! :smile:
  8. Also if u don't mind can u kindly post modeling pics of both pairs, I love them and would like to purchase one of the pairs but want to see more pics if possible!
  9. they are good buys!!!!
  10. thankyou!! :smile:

    thanks!! :smile:

    thanks! :smile:

    yes, they do run true to size. Mine is a 8.5 and i usually am a 8.5. my feet are kind of wide too. It hurts breaking them in. I just broke them in and ive been wearing them for over a week and a half. They're starting to be a little more comfortable now.

    ill try to post pics this week! im bombarded with exams and projects this week though but i will definitely try to post some modeling pics!

    thanks!! :smile:
  11. Thanks im more into the kendrick loafers, so if you get enough chance to post those ill be happy enough, good luck with your projects!! :smile:
  12. Wonderful find! I have never seen any Tory at my Nordstrom Rack. Keep both they are both classics!