My new Fendi Peep Toe Espadrilles *pic*

  1. I don't see that many pics of Fendi shoes but thought you'd enjoy! These run very large so if you get them online get them 1 size smaller than you would normally wear.

  2. GORGEOUS!!!:heart:
  3. wow those are to cute, i need this for summer.
  4. You should get them - they are so comfortable to walk in! I plan on those being my everyday run around shoes this summer. If it weren't snowing right now I would be wearing them!! LOL

    I think they were $425. If anyone needs the style number just PM me and I can look on the box.
  5. ooh very chic!! congrats!
  6. Super cute!! :love:
  7. Sooo cute, I love 'em.
  8. Lovely :love: thanks for sharing!
  9. very pretty, congrats!!
  10. I :love: them!
  11. lovely
  12. those are hot! I love wedges!
  13. ooooh, soooo cute! love love love! great spring/summer shoes. congrats
  14. They would look awesome with a Zucca Spy or chef bag! Congrats on the Peep toes!:yahoo:
  15. v. cute. i had the same thing with the shoes being big on my silver B buckle peep toes--if anyone is planning on buying Fendi peep toe shoes, get them a half size smaller than usual!