My new Ergo Tote and Carly Sig.Top Handle Pouch, so cute...!

  1. Hi,
    Thanks to sinniebunnie and ImASadGiraffe I'm reallly getting in love with my new bags.
    (for those I almost paid 800 USD incl. shipment and tax, VAT in Germany !)
    Here are some pictures. Carly Signatuer Top Handle Pouch is so cute and quite

    Thank you guys for this nice forum...!:tup::heart::nogood::heart:
    IMG_5446k.JPG IMG_5447k.JPG IMG_5450k.JPG
  2. Beautiful bags congrats!
  3. Nice stuff!! The Carly pouch is sooo cute. Congrats!!
  4. I love your choices!!! I am really thinking about getting a Carly pouch for those times I don't need a big bag, It's so cute!!!!!:okay:
  5. OMG! I LOVE your bags!!!! The color in that Ergo tote is sooo rich! And I LOVE the Top Handle Carly Pouch! I was thinking about getting one (though it will be awhile, caz once I get the Heritage Stripe tote, I'll be on a ban until summer probably) and I was wondering if you can post a pic of your stuff in it when you use it. I am wondering how much it will hold. I love that you got the Khaki/saddle combo, that's what I'd get too! Congrats and great choices!
  6. Congrat's... great buys!
  7. great choices!!! :tup:
  8. Wow! I'm not a ergo person but yours is super cute!!! more pics! more pics! :graucho::tup:
  9. Thank you very much for all your comments...!!
    Here are some more pics of the Carly Top Handle Pouch.:heart:
    It's not too small as you can see. I put always my thick planner, purse and
    mobile phone and there is still small room for something small, maybe sunglasses.
    I put this pouch in my Ergo Tote because the Tote has no zip-top closure
    and so I feel sure...
    IMG_5453k2.JPG IMG_5456k.JPG IMG_5458k.JPG IMG_5464k.JPG
  10. so pretty.... especially the carly pouch.. look so cute on you!!:tup:
  11. They are both beautiful! I love the colour of your planner too, so pretty!
  12. Wow, such beautiful bags! The Carly is TDF - I want this bag soooo badly now! Congrats!

    Thanks for the modeling pics and showing what you can fit in the Carly, too, really helps my decision!
  13. That is so cute and it holds a LOT!!!
  14. The Ergo is TDF!!! And I love the baby Carly!! I have one in khaki/black and love it!! It's the must useful little bag ever!! Congrats!!
  15. Congrats i love the Carly Top Handle Pouch.:heart: