My "new" Epi Petit Noe!!!

  1. :wlae:OK, so all of you probably know by now that I am Petit Noe's BIGGEST fan! So, I am sitting at home just now and FedEx driver rings my door bell! I open the door and the guy wants me to sign for this parcel. It's from my SIL. I am thinking "Probably some small gifts for my son" (she always sends him cute little parcels now and then). I open the box and ... :wtf::amazed: CAN'T BELIEVE MY EYES!!! It's a blue Epi Petit Noe!:yahoo: The bag is literally BRAND NEW!!! I can not see ANY signs of wear!!! I am in Noe heaven!!! I called her and she told me that she got this baby to give me for my anniversary!!!:crybaby:I am SO TOUCHED!!!
    PICT3288.JPG petitnoe.JPG
  2. Beautiful bag :smile: it looks great on you. Enjoy!!
  3. Wow..gorgeous color !!!
    looks perfect on you. Congrats..What an awesome SIL you you have
  4. Looks very pretty Irene. Fantastic colour.
  5. WOW that bag looks great!!! and great on you!
  6. Congrats! LOVE that color and the style. What a great SIL!
  7. That is a beauty!!! I would love to add a petit noe to my collection too! All I have now is the large black epi noe but I would like to get a blue one too!!!
  8. OH MY...what an unbelievable surprise!!! It's gorgeous on you! I wish my SIL was that nice!
  9. btw, is that the myrtille or the toledo blue?
  10. What a nice surprise!
    Enjoy your new baby :yes:
  11. THANK YOU, ALL!!! I think it's Toledo Blue. I am not 100% sure though. Yes, I am trully blessed with my in-laws AND two out of three of my SILs are great too!;)
  12. Wow, that is beautiful and looks brand new! Congrats!
  13. Congrats, your SIL is awesome ! And great bag. ;)
  14. I really really like that color. :smile:
  15. It's exactly my next LV bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I'm saving for it now. :smile: