my new Duomo...perfect for autumn!

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  1. After what feels like an eternity of waiting, I've found a Duomo to adopt as my very own! Her first parents kept her in spectacular condition, and if I didn't know she wasn't brand-new, I'd never have guessed. There's not a scratch on her, and she is even more chic and lovely in person than I imagined! Even my fiance took one look at her and said, "Wow, that's a classy handbag." She arrived with a little Speedy friend, and they look so perfect together, I can't bear to part them. Aren't they lovely against the autumn leaves?:love: I'm such a happy girl!
    duomo3_w.jpg duomo6_w.jpg duomo4_w.jpg
  2. Love it! This bag has been calling to me lately, but I have so much on my list!
  3. Bravo!!!! Love them!
  4. Love Love Love It!!!
  5. sooo gorgeous!
  6. Very nice, hippiechic! I love the duomo!!
  7. Very Classy Indeed!
  8. Looks sooo beautiful! Enjoy it :smile: I also just got a Damier bag, and I feel that it's PERFECT for fall and winter...
  9. Gorgeous! :love:
  10. Very nice! Perfect for autumn (and winter as well). Congratulations! :smile:
  11. gorgeous....with a tank top on will this bag fit on the shoulder or is it hand helded it
  12. Wonderful choice.:yahoo:
    The duomo is STILL on my MUST have list.:crybaby:
  13. LOVE it! congrats!
  14. Congrats!!!!! This bag is definetly on my list too!
  15. This one takes my breath away! And such a cute speedy, too. Enjoy!!
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