My New Coach!

  1. I called my SA last week about getting the satchel for the F&F and what she thought. She always gives me her opinions because we are about the same size and like the same styles of Coach. She said come in and try it on and I think you'll love it. Well, then she went on to say that the Mandy would be a good size shoulder, that's what I got at the F&F because I couldn't find the satchel at Macy's anywhere around me.

    So I went yesterday and tried the satchel on. My hubby was with me and he knew I just bought the Mandy. He said to me why don't you wait till the "PC thing in the summer"...hehe how cute! I told him the PCE is in June...but, I don't know if I can wait that long. So, I went back today and got it! I couldn't stand it. Thought about it all last night. I've been doing a little housekeeping with my Coach's and trying to get the essentials not just buy to buy. I think this is a classic! I also got a keychain- Ocean Charms Keyfob! So cute!

    Here are the pics!

  2. That's a beautiful choice! I hope you enjoy it and take it out often!
  3. Congrats, wear it in good health.
  4. Its so pretty.
    & I love the little bucket on the keyfob
  5. Very nice! I think I'm going to get it at the PCE.
  6. handbagashley, that is one serious bag!:yes: You really rocked the Macy's F & F - Legacy Mandy and a Legacy Satchel. Congrats on both of them. Carry them in good health!
  7. Wowee! It looks great. Is it very heavy with all that hardware?
  8. :drool: :drool: :drool:
  9. So pretty!
  10. I got the Mandy at the F&F. I just got the Satchel at the Coach store in the International Plaza (Tampa, FL).

    The Hardware is not too heavy for me.

    I love it! I love the details and the look of the buckles. I can't wait to take it to work tomorrow.
  11. handbagashley, I think you will carry that bag beautifully. I wanted to get the Legacy Satchel in Brown for the F & F but Macy's Herald Square only had it in whiskey or black. I decided to wait until the next PCE to get it in brown. Enjoy your bag! The black is beautiful and timeless.
  12. Very nice bag-congrats!
  13. That bag is beautiful! congrats!
  14. Love it!! Congrats!
  15. That's really pretty and you wear it well! Love the keyfob too - I was looking at that at Macy's as well.