My new chloe came today!

  1. The mini paddy that I have been lusting after for about 10 months arrived yesterday. Its chocolate brown :heart:and I think its 06 season. Its lovely, the colour and the leather is stunning! I always wanted a choc paddy and i'm so happy! :yahoo:

    :woohoo:Mariabdc is this the same as ur little beauty?

    I ordered it from as its the only place I could find the colour. After the diabro scare I am worried about ordering from anyone but netaporter. I'm sure its real, i've compared it with medium paddy from net a porter (pluscan't imagine a company as big as asos being able to sell fakes) but it does cast a shadow over the whole thing :shrugs: Plus im not totally sure what the colour is called, the tag has the sticker with the colour ripped off, tut tut.

    I've take pics but computer doens't seem to want to upload them, will keep trying!
  2. Ah, got it working, here are my pics of my beautiful new bag


  3. so pretty....congrats!!
  4. That is very cute :cutesy:
  5. Very beautiful, enjoy it! Love the colour![​IMG]
  6. Great colour, great bag.
  7. Congrats on your bag, looks great!!! 10 months huh??? You have great restrain!
  8. Congrats again... it is identical to mine... i think i posted pics in the mini paddy club and the modelling thread, but i'll be happy to PM them to you if you want to compare... it looks ok from the pics you've posted...
    The leather is so smooshy yet tough... i mean, i am not afraid to wear the mini paddy when i go out with my children (except with a friend of my daughter who once ran out of the room with the bag to lick her handles...)
  9. Adorable Paddy! Beautiful color and cute size. I'm definitely jealous. =)
  10. That bag is stinkin cute!! Congratulations. Don't you feel better now!
  11. The minis are sooo cute!
  12. What a relief for you to finally get this adorable bag! Congratulations - it looks perfect on you!
  13. Ah thanks for all your kind comments :yes:, it is a beauty, and it looks too cute when it sits next to my muscade regular paddy, the colours just look yummy:drool: Even my husband said how nice the colour was and he rarely passes comment on any of my bags (he is part of the reason for the 10 month delay in purchase :p.)
  14. Definitely worth the wait- gorgeous colour and such a cutey!
  15. Such a nice color! Good choice!