my new chanel scarves

  1. I am officially done with my June sales shopping. Just want to share with you my two chanel goodies I got from the sales. They are so so so so pretty and I am goin to wear them in the summer :smile:

    sorry the Gucci shoes are in the pics( NM sale $284+):yahoo:
    DSC00744.JPG DSC00745.JPG DSC00746.JPG
  2. beautiful - i love the colors of the first one. good buys!
  3. Get out!!! I bought one similar to the flower one in pink today, love them, very pretty!! :yes:
    Hot shoes too...
  4. I love the floral scarf! What are its dimensions? How will you wear it? Congrats on all your purchases!
  5. Very beautiful. Nice job.:tup:
  6. Oooh those are wonderful! Congrats!
  7. Oh, I love them all!The Gucci are hot hot!Congrats!:yes:
  8. Thanks for sharing. Beautiful scarves. If you have favorige scarf tying technique , please share with us.
  9. nice!
  10. that first scarf is beautiful!! congrats on all.
  11. I love the Camellia scarf! I have those in the black/beige, blue and pink colorways. They're so versatile and pretty!!
  12. There was a good scarf tying thread in this forum about parisians and chanel.
  13. Cool stuff! How will you wear them? Pics?
  14. the're so pretty!
    i love them both, very classic and have a vintage-y feels :yes: