My New Celine Fluo Pink Mini Luggage

  1. Great color. Enjoy !!
  2. Cute bag and color, Congrats
  3. May i know where you got this from? please :smile: I am dying looking for a pink one!!
  4. She is so gorgeous, congratulations & enjoys her!
  5. I love this bag so much! Congrats on your awesome score!
  6. I got it from eBay because it was sold out everywhere else,
  7. It's a beautiful color!
  8. Congrats on this rare beauty! Its stunning!!
  9. THank you for such valuable information!!!:smile: have a nice weekend with your bag!
  10. Love this Color, Lucky U, Congrats
  11. Thanks! Have a great weekend!
  12. That bag is stunning!! Congratulations!
  13. Congrats !
  14. I'm in love!
  15. Love this!!! The color is amazing! Congrats & enjoy!