My new CARTIER Trinity rope bracelet

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  1. I am so getting this,I love it,thank you girls for the price and where it's available help. Does it only come with the black bracelet or does it also come in other colors?TIA
  2. Our local Cartier does have them! They came in last Wednesday. They cost $2,850 and there has been a lot of interest. If they all sell, it is uncertain whether more will be produced. Should I go for it?
  3. I went to Cartier today. There are two new Trinity bracelets on a cord for the Centennial. The one pictured on OP costs about $2,850. It is 3 rings, one of them is WG with diamonds on it. The other Trinity is also 3 rings (a little smaller) and just a couple little diamonds on a RG piece where cord runs through. It is very hard to describe. The 2nd Trinity costs $1,700. Color cords can easily be switched on both. Believe it or not, I prefer the less expensive one cause I like the size of the little bit smaller rings!
  4. Hokaplan, I think you can wear the bracelets together or separate. The Trinity looks really fun, and the Love looks so classic and causal.
  5. Just few days ago I asked them a bout the bracelet and they said they will receive a new collection , they looks so elegant . Congrat.
  6. thank you for your sweet comments :heart: and to those who purchased the bracelet, congrats!!
  7. One of the best things about the two new Trinity bracelets is that the rings lay flat. The old style rings could not lay flat. I also heard you could shower with it on. But I would probably take it off anyway.
  8. Anyone else thinking of getting a rope/cord Cartier trinity or charity bracelet?
  9. Bump! Just wondering if anyone else might be purchasing Cartier cord bracelets and what color cord!
  10. what other color cords are there?I am def. getting one.
  11. They must have at least 15 colors - red, black, pink, blue (dark&light), orange, green, purple, brown,etc.
  12. ^ there were so many colors, and different shades of each color
    i just got my self a love rope bracelet and i chose this royal purple thread, it's beautiful!
  13. I'm assuming you have the same options for the cod colours as with the love charity bracelets. When I saw the new trinity in store it was on a black cord and I loved it. I think because of the style and diamonds it needs a more neutral, classic coloured cord. I am thinking of getting one this summer but I just splurged on an extra large size Roadster and WG half diamonds love I'm taking a break to save if I decide I want one! I'd love to see more pics though if someone else gets one!!!
  14. Hi ladies,
    I'm just bumping this thread because I am now seriously considering getting this bracelet and was wondering if anyone else has since purchased one and could share pictures or comments? TIA
  15. so pretty! I love the Trinity pieces.
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