My new CARTIER Trinity rope bracelet

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  1. One last question... does the ring part ever twist around to be under your wrist, instead of on the top where you can see it? Or does it stay snug on your wrist and not move around?
  2. SO SO pretty
  3. It stays up right. I recently bought this bracelet without diamonds and it's great in the way that you don't have to worry about banging it against surfaces.

    Congrats burqaface on your bracelet!
  4. So pretty !
    it's gorgeous... I love cartier and love your bracelet !
  5. Beautiful! Enjoy it!
  6. Thanks for the info!
  7. Just an fyi to anyone who saw this thread and totally fell in love like i did....this bracelet is now in stores in North America. I tried it on at the Cartier in Glades Mall in Florida. It was $2800. Enjoy :tup:
  8. Absolutely gorgeous! Congrats!
  9. I think your new bracelet is just stunning!
  10. your Bracelet it Gorgeous ..
    Congrats :smile:
  11. For all the regulars here that like to Cartier chat -
    This new trinity bracelet with diamonds is TDF!
    If you were able to spend $6,800 in Cartier, which of the 2 choices would you get and why?
    a) plain YG bracelet around $4,000 includ tax and new trinity around $2,800
    b) semiprecious stones bracelet $6,750
    Thanks for all of your opinions!
  12. Hokaplan- I would do the YG Love and the trinity hands down!!! You really can't go wrong with the YG bracelet that is why that particular one is so popular and it would be more of an every day piece... I personally would get tired of the semiprecious stone bracelet for an everyday wear
  13. Thanks Sprinkles&Bling - Perhaps I will do the 2 bracelets then! I wonder if our local Cartier got the new Trinity with diamonds in store yet. Someone on TPF saw it in Florida store.
  14. I agree with Sprinkles&Bling, having the yg bracelet is a must have, and throw in a Trinity bracelet. Semiprecious stone is just that, 'SEMIprecious'.
  15. Thanks yunwendy! Now do you think those 2 could be worn together on same wrist?
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