My new Carly and a Goach sighting

  1. I didn't want to steal Krispin's thunder, but I had to share my Carly too, so fresh out of Jacksonville, it still has all the styrofoam wrappings on it. It was shipped to one of the local Coach stores. On my way out, I went through Neiman Marcus, and saw a very well dressed woman, talking on what appears to be an expensive cell phone, and carrying a GOACH bag. I was so confused :confused1:, why not complete the look?

  2. Eep.
    Fake bags make me cringe.
    I mean, I was at the Mall just the other day, and on this cart was tons of fake Coach bags.
    It was funny because it was just two stores away from the REAL Coach store.
    Ew much?
  3. Woo-hoo for the Carly Cult!
  4. Goach. Ha. I love it. I wish you would have taken a picture of her. I would not have been able to stop staring. :blink:
  5. Haha, I still live in the dark ages where my cell phone doesn't have a camera.

    Here is the family photo. Coach is the only brand that I have more than just a couple of items. Love those flats!

  6. Congrats on the super cute Carly!
  7. omg those flats!! with the bee on it!! where did u get it?!?!?
  8. Love your shoe collection:yahoo:
  9. Dillards had them last summer. By the end of the season, the store only had one pair left, and it was my size, but no sale :shrugs:. Every few weeks, when I go through the mall, I would check. In February of this year, they finally went on sale, 33% off, then additional 40% on all sale items. Total steal!! :yahoo:
  10. LOL congrats! Goach bags are so fugly lol.
  11. wow well i have a carly and my mom has her goach and loves it i wanna kill her since she goes my linning broke...i go if u let me buy u the real one u wouldnt of had this problem...
  12. Cute collection - and I agree with katrynar on those flats!

    I was just at the Coach counter today when I lady with a Goach walked up to look at a Carly. Well, at least she was contemplating on getting the real thing.
  13. Congrats! :yahoo: Eww Goaches make me sick!!! :throwup: Cute collection as well! :smile:
  14. And I though I was the only one who referred to the fakes as Goach. Congrats on the new Carly.
  15. I was at the Coach outlet last week and saw a young girl with a the outlet!:shrugs:It never ceases to amaze me!

    Welcome to the Carly Club!