My new - but not really - Dog Jady!

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  1. This is my sisters dog Jady (sounds like J-D) in action haha:

    For years shes been locked up in the basement, mainly in a crate because my sister had children and Jady was just way too big, energetic and could easily knock them to the ground.

    My sister asked me to babysit her recently while she was on vacation, so I've taken her home and we both decided that I'm going to keep her since she is old and should make the best of her last years.

    If you guys could give me any advice as to getting her to be more friendly around other dogs when I take her on walks and such would be very appreciated. She usually barks and gets violent when she comes across a new dog and I have no idea how to deal with it, but I know it's only because she is not used to it and has no idea what to do in the situation but defend herself.

    Also, her nails are very long...I should take her into a vet to get them cut correct? And not try to do it myself?

    Shes my new baby and we've both fallen in love :P she follows me around everywhere, she is just the sweetest thing.
  2. WTF?! Why keep a dog if it's entire life is going to exist of being in a crate in the basement:cursing: There are quite a few threads on training if you do a search.
  3. congrats on your new baby alyssa! ur gonna make a great mom :smile: as for the training, if u want to do it on ur own, i would suggest doing a search here, and get some books and just educate urself. if you are new to nail clipping and it makes u nervous, any vet or groomer can clip them. my groomer charges $8 to clip the nails and i think its worth every penny.
  4. OMG. Poor dog. This story makes me cry and I feel so, so sorry for this poor dog.

    I'm sure she doesn't know much about life. I wouldn't try it myself if you've never done it before. She has been through enough already. Enroll in a training class and I'm sure she will enjoy it.
  5. What a miserable life for a dog to have:crybaby:

    The 10 month old Golden Retriever we just got was treated the same way. The woman crated him because her husband didn't like having 3 big dogs running through the house, so he was the one to be crated.
    We have had him a week and he's literally had to learn how to run. He walks a little funny from always being crated. He is a total sweetheart and we all love him!

    Be good to him....he deserves it after the life he has had.
  6. Enjoy your time with the beautiful pup.

    And PLEASE tell your sister to NEVER get a dog again.
  7. How sad to crate a dog all the time. why have one? Bless you for adopting. She's never been socialized around other dogs. A group training class would be good--I would ask the people running it about Jady's problem so they can be ready for the aggressive behavior she has now. when you walk her, be sure you have the right collar or harness and leash so she doesn't get loose.

    Good luck!