*** My new BLUE Suhali LOCKIT PM!!! ***

  1. Hi everyone! Yesterday I went to LV and was able to fulfill my dream of owning a Suhali bag! I chose the blue Lockit PM, which is really gorgeous IRL and so unique in colour! The leather is amazing, the finish exquisite and the craftmanship impeccable! The white Lockit was also beautiful, but I already own an ivory Epi Alma and so I went for something different.

    I like to wear bandeaus on my classic LV bags but right now I only have my white MC bandeau which is a little too over the top for this bag...Anyone have any suggestions on how to accessorize her with a little something? Maybe inclusion speedy keychain? I do prefer scarves, however, for fear of keychains scratching the gorgeous shiny hardware...Thanx!

    So, here she is, my lovely BLUE SUHALI LOCKIT PM!!
    IMGP8966_resize.JPG IMGP8968_resize.JPG IMGP8970_resize.JPG IMGP8972_resize.JPG IMGP8977_resize.JPG
  2. Some more! The last pic is what I usually carry around with me...
    IMGP8985_resize.JPG IMGP8987_resize.JPG IMGP8995_resize.jpg IMGP8998_resize.JPG IMGP9002_resize.JPG
  3. wow, thats gorgeous!!! it's beautiful on its own but a bandeau would look nice. i personally prefer bags on their own.
  4. Congrats on your gorgeous new bag !! :yes:

    And I think any bandeau would be a very nice compliment, if you are afraid of the keychains scratching the hardware. Have you looked into charms with smaller "hardware" itself - e.g. the Hermes purse charms ?
  5. Gorgeous! The shade is so beautiful~
  6. Oh WOW!!! What a gorgeous bag, your so lucky!!

    I actually found a scarf this morning on the LV site from the Croisette Cruise line in blue. I would love it for my bag but it was sold out. I bet it would look nice on your Lockit as well as your Ivory Alma. There is also a Monogram Denim Bandana that is nice too.
  7. OH MY...i love it.. :heart:..wish i am a gal...;)
  8. It's gorgeous, I love that shade of blue. Congratulations! I would leave it plain personally because it is so stunning on its own.
  9. That is one of the most gorgeous LV-bags! :drool: Although I really love charmes and such on a bag, this one doesn't need it.
  10. oh it's very drool worthy...many congrats!
  11. Wow..Beautiful purchase!! I have to get my hands on one of those some time soon...but which color? Ugh...decisions decisions. Anyway, shes abosolutely stunning!!! Congrats
  12. I love your new blue bag, When I get my first Suhali bag it will be either white or blue. :smile: I Hope you love your new bag forever!!!
  13. Congrats, she's so pretty!! :yahoo:
  14. Wow, she is *STUNNING*. :nuts:

    Congrats and Enjoy!!
  15. soo pretty! love your violette french purse too!