My "new" black first with silver hardware!

  1. Here she is ladies, my "new" 2003 black first with silver hardware! I know I 've totally gone picture crazy (I promised jennifer I would take lots of pics to campare it to the one she had)! I can't believe the leather on this beauty--so thick and squishy--and I love how the silver/pewter hardware looks on the first! It's really cool because even though I have another black b-bag (black '05 city) the leathers are completely different and wonderful in their own way! :love: :love:
    sfirst1.jpg sfirst2.jpg back.jpg corner1.jpg red.jpg first9.jpg
  2. :love: what a beauty!!! :wlae: :wlae: the leather looks so yummy!!! congrats!!! and have fun wearing her!!! :yahoo:
  3. woooooooooo-whooooooooo, congrats avery, she's a knock-out :wlae:
  4. o0o0o0o she's gorgeous avery! isnt the leather AMAZING!
  5. Congratulations. She is very pretty.
  6. It's gorgeous, congratulations!!!!!!!! :yahoo:
  7. thanks ladies! wow, you were so fast! I was still editing and I already had so many posts! ;)
  8. I'm seriously drooling here, avery! :nuts: :nuts:
    Congrats! :yahoo: Your first is GORGEOUS!!! :love: :heart:
  9. thanks for posting these, avery!
    the leather on these are so unique; it's very cool to see the differences. beautiful bag- CONGRATS! :yahoo:
  10. Thanks! I'd post pics wearing it but I'm in my pjs writing exams (still!) so they will have to wait until two weeks from now when I am finished and can actually go out into public! ;)
  11. Fantastic!! That is such a great looking black First (love the silver hw on it)! Congratulations on your new gem!
  12. very, very nice!:heart:
  13. Its beautiful, enjoy!:wlae:
  14. It's beautiful, avery! Congrats! The leather looks amazing!!:love:
  15. It's gorgeous:nuts: , congrats!!!!!!!!:yahoo: