My New Bags

  1. I bought some bags that I really really like:yahoo:
    2 of them are used bags and here they are:wlae:
    I love the red one:heart:
    DSC04861.JPG DSC04897.JPG DSC04896.JPG
  2. Congrats!
  3. love them, they are sooo pretty!
  4. love the colors. congrats.
  5. Congratulations.
  6. Congrats very pretty and so colourful
  7. I got the BV as the price is 350 pounds:yahoo: I love the bag:heart:

    I also got the pretty bracelet:love:
    DSC04875.JPG DSC04892.JPG DSC04893.JPG
  8. very nice, congrats!
  9. wonderful additions to your already beautiful collection..congrats!
  10. :nuts: After long time waiting my Azur speedy is finally here:yahoo:

    I also got the bag that I love so much. I was worried about it maybe a bit flashy but she is beautiful :p
    DSC04890.JPG DSC04891.JPG DSC04888.JPG DSC04889.JPG
  11. So pretty! Congrats!
  12. SO HOT!! congrats!! i love the epi bag!!
  13. congrats! great collection:biggrin:
  14. WOW. Great haul! Congrats!
  15. :nuts: Congrats!!! Any more??:graucho: LOL, they're all gorgeous:love: