My new bag --> Pictures inside =)))

  1. [​IMG]

    This is my Ribera just purchased about 3 days ago!

    Had a hard time choosing between it and the musette but will be getting one musette too (hopefully sometime soon)

    ps, i love my ribera so much :love:
  2. It's georgeous reon! Congrats! (Get the Salsa!!!)
  3. very nice, congrats!

    does it unzip all the way to the base of the bag?
  4. It's gorgeous! I love all the Damier!
  5. Hi luvclassics, i am so going to get it. either that or the musette! i wanna say it again, i totally love how the musette looks! its gorgeous! i love the damier one sooo much :yes:

    can't wait for my next trip down =)
  6. FABO!!! Congrats!!!
  7. Great bag!
  8. hi sweetpurple,
    yes it does zip all the way to the base.

  9. Great bag!
  10. Congrats!! I think it's the classiest damier bag!:yes:
  11. i was admiring your ribera, reon, and then saw your comment for my gina sunnies:smile:! thank you so much! i love your ribera! classy and stylish!
  12. Luv the bag. Enjoy and congratz!!
  13. Gorgeous!! Congrats!
  14. Ooooh it's gorgeous! Congrats on the new purchase!
  15. what a coincidence ..: ) i just got a ribera today too!!!! which size is yours mm or mini?.. it is the cutest bag ever!! i cant wait to use it