My new bag Fendi

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  1. After looking for this bag for the collection autumn winter 09 but it's not easy to find. At last i've got it yesterday and would like to share the photos here. It's the collection spring summer 10 Pee-ka-boo bag with blue jean inside the bag.
    Here we go:::::::::
  2. Some more pictures:::::::
  3. Congrats!!! I am looking for a bag with denim myself!
  4. That's pretty cool! Congrats!
  5. i was just looking at this bag on the website with my friend haha so funny that i clicked this and u have a reveal of it! good choice! enjoy your peek-aboo
  6. ps- please may i know the price
  7. amazing what they are doing with the lining. congrads!
  8. How lovely!! That denim interior on the bag is so cool!! Congrats on your new Fendi!!
  9. oh P.S. is it possible to post a modeling pic, i wondering how that bag looks carrying with jeans on & the interior showing a bit.
  10. OMG!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!:yahoo::nuts::yahoo:
  11. Thank you everyone . normally i'm looking for the grey one from the winter collection but there is no more. Here in Europe it is rather difficult to find the peekaboo bag even the shop fendi. There is a few bag for each season otherwise we have to order it and have to wait for 3-6 months. They gonna make the same system as the HERMES shop. i think.
    This one it cost 2610 swiss francs:::
  12. Gorgeous. Congrats!
  13. Gorgeous :smile: :smile:
  14. it's fabulous!! is the denim lining printed or it's actually a denim fabric?
  15. congrats!!