My new baby rouge VIF city arrived!!

  1. I actually arrived yesterday but nobody was home so Fedex re-delivery today again!!

    I am very impress about the beautiful package!! I love the leather and the bag!!!

    one thing is.. the color is a bit more orangie than what I expect.. might be due to the lighting..
    DSC00240.JPG DSC00241.JPG DSC00242.JPG
  2. Oh, beautiful :love:

  3. she is stunning! I love mine to pieces!!! congrats on finding one!
  4. Beautiful!! Congrats on your new bag.
  5. You girls are really getting to me with all those lovely rouge vif bags...!!!
  6. I really like that color!
  7. that is so beautiful! congrats!
  8. I love it, the leather looks great! Congratulations!
  9. Conga - rats !:yahoo::P
    I love mine -enjoy!
  10. Beautiful bag! Congrats Chloe!
  11. Fab choice - I love that colour.
  12. 0o0o0 ChloeSS - congrats on your new b-bag!!!
  13. Wow gorgeous! I think the vif is going to be my next color... :P
  14. It's gorgeous. The Rouge VIF is a beautiful color. Congratulations!
  15. I wish this is a work bag! but i am very happy with the city bag anyway, will use it tonight!!