My new baby!! (Pics inside)

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  1. Yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!
  2. pretty! congrats!
  3. Very cute! I love how it looks when it's worn on your shoulder. Congrats!
  4. gorgeous!! congrats! it looks lovely!
  5. Pretty :smile:
  6. Congratz!! Glad you get this piece in Pomme, so stunning!
  7. Congrats -- did you end up returning the miroir??? It is such a stunning colour:heart:
  8. What a gorgeous bag, I love this color!
  9. Arnott, Roxbury in Pomme d'Amour looks fabulous on you!
    Congrats! Enjoy and wear it in good health.
  10. Congrats! It looks great on you!! :smile:
  11. Super hot! Love it! :love: Congratulations!!!! Wear it out immedietly and show that baby off!
  12. Oh my... it looks soooo good!!!
  13. absolutely beautiful!!!! congrats!
  14. congrats! I love this bag...:love: