my new baby...found in saks-florida mall

  1. i went to orlando last week, and see what i found...
    so happy...the bag is so hard to find,and the price is also reasonable, usd2600, and i also got 5 % disc as a Saks new member....:yahoo:
  2. WOW! very pretty! congrats
  3. good deal! 5% off chanel's new prices is ALOT! enjoy her ;) btw, what size is she in? looks like a 226...
  4. Congrats! Did you also get the EGC event? (buy more save more) Lucky you get to find it at retail :flowers:
  5. its 30 cm wide, what size is it then?? i dont really get it with the 224,225,226,227,228, does it mean the size?? cause i asked the sa there, she say she even doesnt know they call the bag "reissue", they in chanel, only call it 255-gold
  6. classic chic, no i didnt't get the egc, btw just check the bill, actually the discount is 10% :biggrin:
  7. you could've gotten the EGC? that's weird. i'm not sure if the EGC would work with the 10% discount but call to check! anyhoo, what does the model # on the tag say?
  8. Congratulations .. it's a beauty :heart:
  9. Congratulations- gorgeous!
  10. it's pretty :smile:
  11. Ladydeluxe, she got the bag last week, so no EGC. I think the purchases with discounts from opening a Saksfirst would be considered for EGC.
  12. Very pretty! congrats on your new purchase. love the color.
  13. [​IMG]

    Gorgeous....lucky gal to receive a discount on this! Congrats:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

  14. LOLLL! ooooopppsss i missed out the 'last week' part... everything else blurred out and all my eyes could see was the sparkling shiny metallic reissue... lol :roflmfao:
  15. Wow she's gorgeous:drool::love: You're so lucky to have gotten a discount! Congrats!