My new baby blue =)

  1. Beautiful! CONGRATS!
  2. Nice--
  3. What a pretty, pale blue, icy cool, lovely color for spring/summer! Enjoy and congratulations!
  4. Lovely, good catch!
  5. oooh..I have never seen this color before...Congrats!!!
  6. I've never see it either............such a pretty color!!!!:yes:
  7. What a pretty spring/summer color... I've never seen this one! Enjoy :smile:

  8. Congrats. What a great color...:smile:
  9. Oh, that's so pretty! Reminds me of a lighter verson of those blue Easter M&Ms!
  10. Oh thats an excellent color! I really love it.

    Im thinking of getting a Chanel soon after collecting LVs and's time to expand!
  11. is that lamskin? please model for us!
  12. gorgeous color! and yay on getting it for that price!
  13. lovely!! if i knew baby blue was a color...ahh, so beautiful!!
  14. congratz!! the blue is so sweet! :love: