1. Hi all :sweatdrop:,
    I am new here :shame:
    I got this bag just today..
    sorry for the bad quality, I took this photo by my mobile

  2. i love the look of this bag! modeling pictures please? :smile:
  3. It looks gorgeous. Congrats
  4. Oh this bag is gorgeous. Love this style and love this color. Can't wait to see more pics!
  5. That is such a cool bag!
  6. welcome and what a great bag!! I'd loove to see modeling pics as well.
  7. gorgeous bag!! congrats!
  8. What a unique bag, congrats ! :yes:
  9. Wow, I've never seen that in blue before. Pretty!!
  10. Gorgeous!! Is it blue or purple? :nuts:
  11. Love it! Enjoy! :tup:
  12. That's such a unique and pretty bag! Congrats!
  13. That is gorgeous!!! Thank you for sharing, congrats on your new Lune bag!
  14. Modeling Pictures!!!!
  15. WOW! what a great color, I am also a Newbie, so don't sweat, the ladies here are wonderful and warm, so welcome Dubai!:welcome:..I have never seen that bag before,it is beautiful.