my new avatar

  1. Hi. I just put a pic of my granddaughter on my avatar and just wanted to share.
  2. Ooohhh, your granddaughter is too cute!! :love: Thanks for sharing!
  3. she's got such a sweet smile! i bet she rarely hears the word 'no' from you! :p
  4. She's beautiful!
  5. "No" is not in our vocabulary. ;)

    She is my heart.
  6. awww she is just adorable~
  7. she is soo cute!!
  8. Cute!
  9. Beautiful grand daughter you have...
  10. She's soooooo cute !!!
  11. thank you guys! Of course I am partial, but she is just adorable. My daughter called to tell me she is officially potty trained (something I didn't think would happen for another few months). Whohooo no more diapers!
  12. Aww! She's too cute!
  13. I would consider trading her for....lets say.....a new LV. :cutesy:

    Just joking.
  14. Sooo adorable!
  15. She is absolutely adorable!:love: