My New (and First!) BBag is here!!~

  1. my boyfriend just called me and asked what have i ordered from Japan :graucho:

    my first reaction :nuts: ITS HERE!!! from Diabro in just 4 days! I can't wait to get home and see my new love!!~

    P.S. i had to sheepishly tell my dear bf it was yet another bag :sweatdrop:
  2. Congrats what did you get?!?!?!
  3. Thanks!!
    see my avatar :graucho:

  4. Cute! Congrats, post pics when you get her!
  5. Congrats! Pics!
  6. ooh congrats! modelling pics please!
  7. very nice. congrats!
  8. congrats!!!
  9. Yay you went for it! That's great :biggrin:
  10. yey congrats!!
  11. gorgeous bag! still waiting until i can get my first bbag
  12. Congrats! Can't wait for pics.
  13. Congrats. I would love a review. The only store in my city that carries Bbags didn't have anything from that line so I haven't seen them in person yet.
  14. please post pictures!!!! congrats!!!!!!:yahoo:
  15. Desperate to see your bag!