My new affinity with YSL bags

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  1. I tend to dance around the forum but recently I decided to have a look at YSL bags and wow--I need to make a wish list of bags I love. My love for handbags have taken a back seat since I was traveling for so often, but I love love love some of the bags I saw on the website.

    The YSL bags I think are amazing:

    St. Tropez -- when did this bag come out and what colors does it come in?

    Downtown -- I've been having a love/hate relationship with this bag for years. I love it then I hate it. I think I just need to get it--in a funky color.

    Mombasa -- it seems so refined and free spirited. I think I need this bag.

    So here I am--from being ambivalent to YSL bags to needing all 3 of them!!! Did anyone have IRL pics? Do yo love them/ hate them? ;)
  2. I have always loved the Mombasa
  3. welcome, great to have you here PinkTulip

    I love all three, but do not have St Tropez any more. It was larger version and did not suit me well. Mombasa, I found in a lovely red and downtown in amazing color

    there are plenty of pics in reference thread :biggrin:


  4. That red Mombasa is gorgeous!!!! Absolutely stunning! Thanks for sharing. I was going to get a boring (read: muted) color of the Mombasa, but the red looks luxe!
  5. I've also just looked into YSL bags. I touched my first one in NYC last week. The roady is gorgeous but the leather feels quite thin. Am loving the muse too.
  6. I have a Downtown and I love it. I really love the style and the leather and I feel like it can be so easily dressed up and then dressed down. I have it in the medium size and it's the perfect size for me. I'll try to post a modeling pic later.
  7. I am cheer up for downtown patent :winkiss: