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Feb 19, 2011
Good place
Hey TPFs... I used to have a Picotin 22, but I part it as it didnt have the shoulder strap..and I think P26 would be too bulky for my size...

During my vacation in Vegas, I'm lucky enough to repurchase it and on top of it Hermes has this additional leather strap which allow me to create my own shoulder strap with a twilly..

Please share your thoughts on the overall look of the bag with the additional strap and would you do that same?... P22_holding.jpg P22_model Pic.jpg P22_3 with SS.jpg P22_2.jpg P22_1.jpg
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Apr 3, 2012
Ban Island
I tried on P 26 and it looked awkward on me

Leather strap looks neat!

My SA also showed me how to make this a shoulder bag with twillies so if you are uncertain about the idea perhaps you can just use twillies? It looks good on you!

And congrats about the haul!!!