my new addition: damier koala wallet + 4 key holder!

  1. 2 sweet additions!! :yahoo:

    makes a little complete damier family~~~ i forgot to take a pic of my ipanema too :supacool:

    how do u guys like them? :jammin:
  2. Congrats rensky!!!!:yahoo: What a gorgeous looking family:love: Looove the Damier Koala wallet:girlsigh:
  3. nice family you have there! i love the koala!
  4. Congrats on the new additions!! I love everything!
  5. Love them all--especially the koala wallet! Great collection!
  6. thanks to you :heart: in making me get the mini monogram mini noe!! or else i wouldnt've exchanged the monogram mini noe :hysteric: for the koala wallet and was forced to get the 4 key holder because there was money left over! :nuts:

  7. I :heart: :heart: :heart: your collection! It's awesome the Koala wallet is so :yahoo:
  8. :girlsigh:

  9. i can't stop looking at the wallet!!! the credit card slots allow the cards to slide in so easily! :supacool: the bifold damier wallet i have..didn't allow for the ease when i first used it...took like a month or two..anyway i love both of them..but i can't help but store the bifold away in the dust bag and into the box ...and into the closet :shame:
  10. Aw congrats!

    I love how you are a Damier fan!

  11. :yes: Thats my kind of family...

    I luv luv the Damier devine....what a great buy!!! Congrats!!!!:drinkup:
  12. I love that you appreciate the Damier collection.

    I am so curious to see how well the Damier Azur color will do too.
  13. :wlae::jammin::girlsigh:

    im not that excited about azur collection.....i don't like vachetta...but regardless, it will be nice to see damier in a different color combination! :rolleyes:
  14. Congrats on your new purchases ... your damier family looks stunning:heart:
  15. :nuts: i guess u do understand im so proud!