My New Acquisitions

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    So here are the pictures ...

    I bought the Onatah PM in Cocoa, while I liked it I thought I'd check out the Orange in person as well. Well ... I decided I wanted the Orange instead, it is less common as the Brown, and more a Spring/Summer color. I am returning the Cocoa. Here are the two side by side ...

    And me with the Orange Onatah PM

    The Fuschia Perf. Plate and Wallet

    The Mono Speedy 25 and the Perf. Plate and Wallet - aren't they adorable?

    The Onatah PM with the Perf. Plate and Wallet. The Plate is perfect for my lip sticks, lip gloss, compact mirror, etc. And yes both of the perf. items fit into the Onatah PM (tightly).

    I love these items, and I know I will always have the great memories from buying them in a great city like London. But .... I must not spend money on bags for a while ... I need the will power to do that! Serious!
  2. How cute! Love the orange Onatah!


  4. ohhhhhhhhh so pretty
  5. love the perf. chic!
  6. Lucky you! What lovely new bags and accessories!! Congrats and thanks for sharing!
  7. they're beautiful!
  8. Wow! What a loot! Congrats!
  9. :love: LOVE those!!!:love:
  10. Very cute! I love ur brand new Speedy! Enjoy them all!
  11. Woooo... nice!!
  12. Congrats!!!
  13. Very nice! The orange Onatah is stunning!
  14. very lovely.
  15. Nice!

    The perfo is cute in smaller accessories. And I think the onatah is growing on me as well.
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