My New 2009 Ostrich Hedgehog Coin Purse!

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  1. Why I said 2009, as this may be a new version for this classic design, its face is darker than before. H used lighter Brown like Barenia before for its face but use Chocolate this time. I like darker colour actually, but is it only due to the flashing? Any comment?

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  2. My only comment is that I want one too! :smile: VERY cute!
  3. OMG, you are really fast at collecting these coin purses...I was just drooling over your other 5 and this hedgehog is sooooooo CUTE !!! Congratulations, you are really the king of Archè de Noè Coin Purse here :biggrin: and thank you so much for sharing these....I just got the bear and your post made me glad of my decision to get it :smile:

    Please get the turtle for us to drool over next ;) is so darn cute tooooo....
  4. This is too cute. I would be pulling it out all the time!!!
  5. Uber-cute! Congrats.
  6. oooohhh...I LVoe it!!!
  7. Completely adorable. Must own.
  8. the birdie hedgehog is so cute
    the bumps matches perfectly with the hedgehog
  9. cutie!

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  10. The purse is absolutely gorgeous....... i'm very envious!.... Enjoy it!
  11. Too cute for words!
  12. Absolutely adorable. Love him, feed him, care for him.
  13. sooo cutee! i'm glad they re-released it!

    i really wish they would re-release the whale. or make a new a lemur.
  14. Omg! How adorable!!!
  15. cute!