My Neverfull & Her New Companion

  1. Just got my Sweet Flowers Bandeau in Red today!

    In it's box

    Part of the Bandeau which i liked

    My Neverfull with Her New Companion

    Close of the Ribbon

    Didn't really do a good job of tying the bandeau... hahaha

    Loved it the way my Neverfull look now!!:nuts:
  2. OMG, they are sooo cute together - great choice of bandeau ! :yes:
  3. so beautiful...
  4. Congratulations.
  5. it's so pretty :tup:...may i know how much?
  6. I bought here in Singapore at S$195. :p
  7. omg it's so pretty
  8. Very pretty!!!
  9. Thanks everyone!! Think i didn't regret picking Sweet Flowers over LVOE bandeau...:graucho:
  10. I love it! I'm sure you look great carrying it!
  11. so cute, congrats!
  12. Gosh i love it so much, it makes me wanna run out and buy one now.

    Excuse me but can i be tacky and ask how much is it in SG? :push:
  13. sorry bout the question ^^. Anyways Love it!
  14. Very nice...congrats!
  15. aw, way cute! :smile: they are a terrific duo.