My Monogram Eclipse item's arrived :) and 2 other items... :)

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  1. Explorer Backpack and Pocket Organizer. I am also including 2 other backpacks I acquired not long ago that I have not posted yet. The Andy in Damier Cobalt Camo for the Men's Pre Fall and the Epi Christopher w/Stripe for Spring Summer 16. The 2 are from my instagram account Mattd74

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  2. Love the camo Andy congrats!!
  3. I love this collection, congrats!
  4. Sweeeet! Great collection-thanks for sharing!
  5. Congrats!
  6. Lovely. Congrats!
  7. Score!!!! Fantastic items!
  8. Great items! :smile: Congrats!
  9. That Christopher backpack is sharp looking! :tup:
  10. Great collection, congrats!
  11. Congrats. Great collection
  12. Congrats! Enjoy them!
  13. great LV's - congrats!
  14. How much was the pocket agenda ? Thank you
  15. usa $335 plus tax
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