My mono pochette wallet drowned in my speedy 30 :(

  1. :crybaby:
    About 2 weeks ago on the way home from work i didn't realise that my bottle of evian leaked in my bag. It was like a big river inside my speedy, the water didn't even escape and so my beautiful new wallet is kinda ruined. I thought i saved it but its still damp and i don't know what to do :sad: My ipod is broken too *sniff*
    I've haven't used my wallet since and its just been left to dry but its not working.
    Any ideas girlies? Help please...
  2. Oh no! That is awful. I'm sorry I have no advice: Just condolences:cry:.
  3. I don't personally have experience with this, but how about using a hair dryer on a low setting to speed up the drying process? I wouldn't leave it in the sun.

    I believe I also read somewhere that if you stuff something with newspaper it will dry out quicker.
  4. I thought about it but weren't sure, i might give it a go.

    We have no sun here in the uk :sad: All rain and wind!
  5. The same thing happened with my speedy, but it wasn't water it was milk from my sons sippy cup. My koala wallet was in there and got completly drenched. The only thing i can suggest is letting it air dry and most of the bubbling will go away.
  6. had a wallet drown in the pool too...
    though it was a burberry...
    but it did dry well after some time... dont worry.

    I wiped it well, then let it air dry-
    I also put several of those anti moisture pockets
    in all the compartments to help with the moisture.

    hope this helps... HUGS
  7. :death:RIP :cry:
  8. put it in front of a heat vent... or window to dry it out...
  9. Oh I'm sorry that happened ... yeah I'd say just let it air dry. You may also want to call one of the boutiques or the 866# to see if they have other suggestions too.
  10. Thanks for all the suggestions girlies! I have so much misfortune with some of my lv things. My papillion got burnt by a cigerette GRR. Its a tiny mark but i know its there and its frustrating not to look at it!
  11. Sorry to hear about the drowning!

    I think you should let it dry near a window... and make sure all the compartments are open so the dampness can evaporate.

    I do hope your wallet would be alright in a bit. :flowers:
  12. a liter of seltzer water recently emptied in my bh. i didn't know it until i went out for lunch and went to organize my bag. my agenda, makeupbag, mini pochette accessories were all also drowned. i let everything air dry and you would not know that anything happened!!!

    give it a little time and it should be okay. also, if there's any marks on the vachetta, once it's dry, wipe over it a few times with baby wipes- they really are miracle workers on the vachetta. good luck!!!
  13. Hubby's mono wallet has been through the washing machine in his jeans at least 4 times...... He likes to do his own laundry at times and I guess does not check the pockets...LOL I stuff the inside with paper towels and any other parts that meet together and just let them dry. It has always came out good as new so I think they are very well made.
    Good luck. I think a hair dryer will work too.
  14. Oh My...I'm sorry to hear that. I put bottles of water in my Speedys all the time....I'll think twice before doing it again. Good luck nursing your wallet back into working condition.
  15. I accidently knocked over a spray bottle of water that I use for ironing and it soaked through my Damier Koala. It took a long time for the Koala to dry out. I thought the wallet had aired dried, but everytime I stuck some paper money in it, the money was damp.

    Try to open up the wallet while it's air drying and maybe use a hair dryer on a cool setting to speed up the drying process.

    The water didn't stain the Damier material on the outside of the Koala, but on the red leather interior, I can see a very faint outline where the water had soaked into the red leather. But, to most people, they would probably not notice the water outline.

    Good luck with the drying process!! Just give it some time and it will eventually dry up.