My mono bucket need help !

  1. Ladies the lining inside my bucket is starting to peel and i barely used. I was thinking of sending it in and have them replace any idea how much it would cost? Are there any products that could help it stop peeling?
  2. Replacing the lining isn't that expensive. It's around $150 - $200. It's just take a while for them to fix it.
  3. How old is the bag?
  4. If it's relatively new and barely used, it shouldn't peel! Bring it back to the store where you bought it together with your receipt and have the bag fixed without any charges or better yet, have it replaced.
  5. My bucket was about 7-8 yrs old, I live in humid hawaii, the lining started to peel and get stuck to the contents, it was just about to trash it/giveaway being that since it will ruin your contents, no one will want to buy it, but as very last ditch effort, I took it into the LV store asked them about it curious to see how much it would cost, the SA saw that the bag was still in the system (luckily they found my file in my maiden name when it was purchased). Anyway, long story short, they redid the whole lining and gave me a new poach (the one that came with the bucket; they said too costly to reline a small poach-thats why a new one was given). There was absolutely no charge, the SA did say that I was lucky that I was just shy of not getting it repaired (I guess there is a time frame of when they will fix/repair before they say too bad). Doesnt hurt to try!