my mom's brand new LV (pics)

  1. my sister bought this bag for my mom as an early christmas present while she was in Paris. i think i'm going to need to borrow it. i really love the color

  2. nice! rosewood!!!
  3. my sister almost didn't get it b/c one store only had a floor model left but when she went to another store she found this one. my mom and i went to NM today and the last one they had was sold. the SA said these are ltd editions, was she serious or lying? just wondering
  4. holy cow!! beautiful!
  5. so gorgeous. congrats to your mom. I hope she lets you borrow it.
  6. I love your mom's new bag! :tup:
  7. oh i'll be borrowing it for sure. b/w my mom, my sis, and I we have plenty of bags to go around
  8. Your mom is one lucky woman! What a gorgeous bag.
  9. :tup::heart:Oh the Rosewood!!! She is BEAUTIFUL!!!!
    Its Beautiful!!
  11. That is a great bag! I love it! Tell your Mom congrats!
  12. wow, LVoe it!!! Congratz to your mom!!!
  13. Yummy pictures. Hope your mom loves it.
  14. love it when the handles are so pure and untouched...
  15. congrats to your mom