my mom went crazy today.

  1. no. she didnt get mad at me for having so much bags :p

    ive been trying to entice her to buy one tokidoki bag...

    but she actually bought 3 in one swoop.. they were all black and white ( notte and bianca ) bags though and bought it at the satchel shop today..

    i was like MOM you totally beat me in buying tokidoki bags now. :sad: I thought she was crazy for buying lots but then i wasnt surprised that she did.. eh!! darn people with more money!! *shakes fist* xD

    oh well - just think its cool that my mom even has her own little collection now :smile: lol

    she bought the bianca luna, bianca mamma mia ( her fave style! lol.. as of now. haha ) and a notte trenino.. she had an excuse of them being "travel" bags. pffff yeah right mom ;(( you just fell in love with them ! :p

    690 CDN all in all at least :p pretty hefty sum.. but she wouldnt ever buy it on eBay if she didnt see it for herself irl.. lol oh well.

    just thought it was funny. :yahoo:
  2. Wow! She got a bianco mamma mia?? MY mom has been looking for one!
  3. ahhaha actually, theres actually a bianco mamma mia still for sale in the SH outlets! =O she should order one from there :p
  4. i think the bianco is so beautiful! I would love to get one but "white" and 3 kids don't mix well!