My mom made me feel guilty

  1. I am visiting my mom and they just opened a new LV store near her house. She and I went in and looked around and she said that she couldn't believe how expensive the bags were and that its CRAZY!. Gulp. Now I have to tell you this is coming from a woman who has plenty of designer stuff including a vintage gucci or two. She says that years ago these bags weren't quite so expensive. She wore Gucci loafers when I was a kid which I remember her buying in the Gucci Store. She claims that when I was a kid she paid 150.00 for the Doctors Bag that is in her closet.

    I'm not out of control. I sold off most of my bag collection last year and bought all LV accessories and a speedy. I now own five LV's....gulp. If she saw them in my closet I know she would rat me out to hubby who has no idea what these things cost...gulp.

    What can I say I got my good taste from her.
  2. Buying quality bags is an investment. The way I look at it, you could spend your money on a bunch trendy knock-offs that will be thrown away when you are done with them, or you can spend your money on top quality bags that will hold their value. And if ever in an emergency, you know you could sell them and recoup most of your money.

    Plus, prices have inflated for everything. And for the stuff that hasn't, you have to wonder if that stuff was being made by child-slave labor.
  3. My Mom would kill me if she knows my bag cost more than 500 GBP (lol)
  4. I agree with luvinmybags, the bags you buy is an investment. You'll have them for forever and they will never go out of style.

    You're LV collection isn't outta control and it shouldn't matter to ur mom what your spend on them. It's your money!

    My mom doesn't even bother to ask me what my bags cost me, she just knows she'll never spend that kind of money on a bag.
  5. It is your money and you can spend it how you want to!
  6. LOL... yeah, well a candy bar used to cost 5 cents! :p
  7. luckily my mom doesn't really know those brand prices LOL
  8. THAT is why I don't take anyone with me to the boutique who isn't familiar with Louis Vuitton, I don't want unsolicited opinions about how to spend MY OWN money.
  9. 150 back then is not the same as now... inflation and stuff. yes, LV's price increases are beyond inflation but I don't think 150 whatever currency was not much back then, ask yourself what she could have bought instead with 150, like how much to eat, what was rent like etc. Don't feel guilty...
  10. Too right sea0fyears, and they were larger. Point is yes, the bags cost less, but salaries, houses, gas etc cost much less. My mom's first teaching job (early 60's) paid something like $5000 or $6000 a year. So maybe a LV speedy was $100 at thta time, but she could still not have afforded that for a bag. Just enjoy your bags and know that you work hard for them and they are investment pieces.
  11. :yes: lol...I thinnk your story is one we can all relate to. When you collect designer bags it seems you have to justify your spending regularly. Other people spend money too, it just seems that if you travel alot or go to fine restaurants or the theatre, people are more likely to approve. I agree....better to go to the LV store alone than have to hear unsolicited opinoins.

  12. She's right; LV does charge crazy, outrageous prices for their products. And, before anyone gets offended, I just plucked down some cash of a Damier Geant Messager, in Terre.

    Seriously, does anyone really think it cost Louis Vuitton anywhere near $1000 to create a rubber coated canvas handbag? Well, if they do then I feel very sorry for them. The reality is that it probably cost them less than $100 - in both time and materials - to create their Damier Canvas bags. Yet, they can and do mark up the prices of these bags to command $1000 or more - which a lot of people seem willing to pay.

    Yeah, it's your money and you can spend it how you want. However, after my first - and probably only - purchase of a LV product, I can safely say it will be a long, long time before they get my money again - even though I am delighted with my purchase.
  13. hmmm... that's why I love my mommy lol, now she NEVER asks to see the receipt of stuff I buy cuz she says "DON"T GIVE ME A HEART ATTACK". She knows my stuff are expensive, and gave up asking long ago.... lol However before, we did have several arguments, and in this major fight we had, I explained to her how much bags mean to me, and I think she was very much moved by what I said...
    So just give your mom some time, eventually she'll just give up too if she sees how much bags mean to you (if they do).
  14. My mother thinks I am crazy as well....she thinks I have an maybe I do =)
  15. I have to hear it all the time from every family member I have. I quite telling people what they cost, but then someone else will make a comment or hubby will open his mouth. We all like different things. To each his own on what they want to spend their $$ on!