My Mom and Foach


Dec 28, 2010
I haven't been here for a while, but I wanted to post a funny story about my mother and Coach.

I gave my mom her first Coach bag ever last year. It is a little factory siggy bag in red and she loves it. Later in the year I gave her a Black Botkier bag the was much more expensive, but she still loves (and gets many compliments on) her factory Coach. (until This past Christmas it was her favorite bag.)

This past summer I was on the way to visit her and she called to tell me that a store (which had carried legit Coach shoes in the past) had two Coach bags in their "back room" (usually highly discounted designer shoes in odd sizes and occasionally a bag steal) going for $40 each. I told her that was not possible unless they were wristletes or something but she insisted.

I stopped at the store she mentioned on the way and immediately hit the "back room" in search of these $40 Coach bags. Even if I hated them they could be gifts right?

I spotted them at about 20 yards. They were knockoffs. My mother has yet to live it down. My boyfriend even told her that HE could tell they were knockoffs. Every time I give her a new bag we laugh about how I could have bought it at some cheap store and she would not know the difference. (but since I buy her all her Coach that won't be an issue)


Loves Charms & Bags
Feb 17, 2009
That's a cute story, lol. Sometimes it takes a while to learn to recognize quality in a bag. The Botkier should be a good study in quality, those bags are beautiful.