My Michael Kors Happy Birthday Present!

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  1. Gorgeous!! Happy Birthday!
  2. Happy birthday, Tejas!!!!! :hugs:

    Congrats on such a lovely bag. I love that middle compartment - great for organization. I hadn't seen this version - only the one with the lock. Love the color, too. Another great neutral. :tup: Enjoy her in good health.

    p.s. Can we twist your arm for action pics???? :tender:
  3. I really do love it. I love the silver hardware and the silver plaque in the center. I haven't seen that bag anywhere. Did you get it at the MK store?
  4. Hi Sandc,

    I got it at the MK outlet but they said it was a department store bag. They had a few in the luggage color, the aubergine and black leather and one in black python. I really like the ones with the lock as well but I need minimal hardware due to back issues and I really like the look. :smile:
  5. Thank you Carterazo!:biggrin:

    I will try to get some modeling pics but it might not be til tomorrow or so. I will say that one thing I really like is that the shoulder strap is very comfortable and the bag still looks nice. Sometimes bags with a longer strap tend to hang funny (if that makes sense) and I don't think this bag has that problem. It looks great as a handcarry or as a shoulder bag. Plus, I can keep some of my work items organized but without the need for carrying a larger bag that feels more like a briefcase.

    I originally was looking at the larger version since I tend to gravitate toward larger bags but this really is the perfect size for me.
  6. I was afraid you were going to say the outlet. Man, I wish I had an outlet near me.
  7. I GOTTA get back to the outlet. I wish it was closer :nuts:
  8. Tejas, did they give you dust bags for this or any of your outlet purchases?
  9. I saw a couple of the same bag on Ebay but teh prices could be inflated. I just love this bag!
  10. Love your bag.
    It looks like hamilton bag but much prettier!!!
    one thing I dont like about MK is that they are so heavy!
  11. Stunning!!!
  12. :nuts: Ooohhh la la! I love this style and the color looks divine! Happy Belated Birthday to you and enjoy your beautiful MK tote!

  13. No, I didn't get a dust bag but it didn't worry me much. I have a couple at home I can use if needed but I am still carrying it!
  14. How does the leather feel? Is it soft? If you have felt the Hamilton's with the locks, how would you say it compares?
  15. Hi Sandc,

    I have compared it to the Hamiltons with the locks, which are also lovely. This leather is more pebbled; the lock version, I think, has a bit of texture but is more 'flat' if that makes sense. I really dig pebbled leather so this bag is the perfect fit for me. They are both really nice but I love the one I have--it is my favorite out of all of the ones I've seen so far. Of course, the new graphite lock ones look lovely but I haven't seen them IRL.