My Michael Kors Happy Birthday Present!

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  1. Anyone want to see what I got for my birthday?:biggrin:

    It's practical, versatile and a style that I adore. I think my two MK bags will be my primary go to bags (along with my Longchamp) for most of the fall and winter seasons.

    Guesses, anyone?
  2. Let's seeeeeeeee
  3. It's an aubergine Hamilton E/W satchel!

    I usually carry hobos or bags that are quite casual and I've long wanted a satchel but it had to have a shoulder carry option. I love that this bag can be carried with jeans or with a suit--it's the right mix of casual and structure. It's extremely comfortable and I love having sections to keep my planner and other items organized.

    The color is gorgeous and the interior is the tan linen. I think MK is the best at doing interior pockets--very easy to keep things organized. The double straps are comfortable and the longer single strap is also very comfortable--I don't feel like the weight pulls on my shoulder.

    I went through a big scale down process this last year and am using only a handlful of bags, and this fits in perfectly. I would definitely recommend it!

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  4. WOW, that is stunningly beautiful!!! The color is amazing, what a totally gorgeous bag!! Major congratulations!!
  5. Love love love that color! Is it truly a deep dark purple?!

    Happy Birthday Tejas!! :Partyhat:
  6. Happy birthday and congrats on your new MK satchel!
  7. That's gorgeous! Happy birthday :balloon:
  8. wow i love that!! one of the nicest MKs i've seen. happy birthday!!
  9. Wow. It's gorgeous. happy birthday!
  10. Happy Birthday! I am starting to find MK bags are more attractive than I've given it credit for!
  11. jx---yes, it really is a deep purple. I love it because it is such a nice alternative to black. They had one amazing black python Hamilton but it was too dressy for my lifestyle. This strikes a nice balance.:biggrin:

    Thank you all for the birthday wishes!:smile:
  12. love it!
  13. Beautiful bag! I want to get this one also =)
  14. love it, happy birthday!
  15. Happy Bday!!!!! and CONGRATS on such a beautiful bag!!!!!!!!!