My MbMJ Heidi in Poppy

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  1. So my friend and I went out for pizza Saturday night. The wait was half an hour, so we went up the block to the Marc by Marc Jacobs store while we were waiting. I will admit that I haven't been impressed by seeing the bags online this season. Walking by the window was a whole different experience. They have a ton of bags in right now, and they all look gorgeous. I was amazed because they had a section of MJ Collection bags. I had to :drool: over them before going to look at the MbMJ bags. I bought the Dr. Q convertible clutch in Midnight. The next day, I went to put my stuff in it, and found that it was just too small. My wallet made it bulge really strangely and I wasn't a fan of the patent as much out of the store. So I went in today to exchange it for a larger bag.

    I was happy to see that the guy who'd originally helped me with the clutch was there. He was really helpful and offered some good opinions. But I might have seen a little strange to him because I kept petting all the bags he brought me. I just loved feeling the different leather. I was torn between getting something in Poppy or in Grass. I'm not normally that into green, but it was just such a beautiful shade. After trying a couple bags on and looking in the mirror, I decided on the Heidi in Poppy. And I'm so glad that I did. I love it so much. The leather just feels so soft and yummy. The color is gorgeous. And the bag is huge. I love the size. I can fit all of my stuff plus my external hard drive in it. (Yes, I am a little computer geek.) I couldn't be happier. :yahoo:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. She's a cutie! That's a great bag and the color is yummy. The leather on the turnlock line is so soft and smooshy. Enjoy!
  3. The Poppy is a beautiful color! :heart: I tend to pet bags, too, and this one looks perfectly smooshy. Enjoy.
  4. If he works at MBMJ I'm sure he's seen someone pet bags before! What a great color. I have the Heidi in Acid Yellow, it does hold a lot! Congrats. I wish going out for pizza always ended in a MJ purchase.....
  5. ohh i love the poppy ! I was debating on getting that colour but ended up going with mouse grey because i've been waiting for a grey bag for a long time, it's the perfect bag isn't it ? smooshy and fits so comfortably :smile:
  6. what a pretty bag!!
  7. So pretty, the color is tdf! You wear it well!!
  8. Very cute! The color is eye popping!
  9. i LOVE the poppy! that is a gorgeous bag and looks great on you!! :tup: now you're making me want a poppy teri...
  10. Yummy summer color and great squishy bag!
  11. so nice for spring! well done.
  12. cute!
  13. Adorable!

    I love the heidi, and have one in cordovan. Its a great bag!
  14. I still can't believe how wonderful the leather feels. And the color is so pretty.

    I knew that you all would understand. I figured that I couldn't be the only one who couldn't keep their hands off. It's just so soft.

    That's a good point. Maybe he just thought, "Oh, it's another one of those bag petting women." :lol: And I was so excited when going out for pizza resulted in a new bag. I've been buying shoes instead lately, so I needed a new one. And by needed, I mean I really wanted one. The Acid Yellow is completely different from the picture the name brings to my mind. I was expecting some over the top, crazy yellow. Instead it is such a pretty, soft shade. :girlsigh:
  15. Oh my, I love the poppy color! It looks fab on you.