My MBMJ Collection!

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  1. I just wanted to share my current MBMJ collection with you all. I remember years ago during my first year at university (incredibly broke, of course), I was browsing through Nordstrom Rack and came across these buttery soft MBMJ bags. I've been obsessed ever since. Considering the line has been sadly discontinued, I tend to randomly pick up bags for a steal off Poshmark. I actually love rehabbing bags! A good slather of leather conditioner can make all the difference.

    And here are my babies :biggrin:! And thanks to @faith_ann for identifying two of these bags.


    This list is in no particular order.

    1. MBMJ Maverick Allie in a dark teal colour. I love how utilitarian it looks.
    2. MBMJ Perforated Sally in black.
    3. MBMJ Quilted Sally in black. I actually also had the Sally in a bright lipstick red, but later gifted it to my friend because I never gravitated towards the colour.
    4. MBMJ New Q Perforated Large Natasha in “Leche”. I like the New Q line, but I greatly prefer the Classic Q line. I love the Classic Q’s name plate and thinner strap.
    5. MBMJ New Q Wingman Wristlet in “Red Canyon”. I actually love this color combination. The gunmetal hardware is so edgy.
    6. MBMJ Ligero Leather Bucket Bag in “Cardamom”. Where “Red Canyon” is quite literally a deep red, this colour has strong purple undertones.
    7. MBMJ Amy watch in rose gold.
    8. MBMJ Baker watch with the black leather band (the second hand fell off, unfortunately).
    9. Not MBMJ, but Marc Jacobs Small Noho Crossbody in black.
    10. MBMJ Classic Q Large Natasha in “Rose Apricot”. I recently purchased this for a steal off Poshmark. I love the look and feel of the leather. I thought the colour would be more of a baby pink, but it looks quite peachy to me.
    11. MBMJ Classic Q Francesca in “Smoked Almond”. Also recently purchased from Poshmark. It’s the perfect size for everyday since I can stick both my water bottle and cosmetics bag in it.
    12. MBMJ Classic Q Wingman Wristlet in black. Very trusty wallet. While I love the colour of my “Red Canyon” wallet, the zip runs more smoothly.
    13. And lastly, MBMJ Classic Q Karlie in black. Thanks to @faith_ann for finding out a Karlie was made with an all leather strap at one point. Love this little guy. Perfect for errands or a night out.

    That’s all! I may be on the lookout for a preloved backpack, but I’m super content with my collection as of right now.
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  2. Love your collection and classic MBMJ bags! I agree I like the nameplate, thinner strap, and leather better on the older classic MBMJ bags.
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  3. I love your handbag collection! They're definitely practical.
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