My Magenta Arrived too! *Pics*

  1. My Magenta Shoulder finally arrived! I never thought I'd find this color, a big thanks to Bridget who helped me locate her. :smile:

    Plus a "family" colors pic :p



  2. WOW Spiralswoman, I LOVE it!:love: As you can see I am looking for one, too!;)Congrats!:yahoo:
  3. congrats!! :yahoo:
  4. oh so cute! congrats!
  5. Oh mine~spiralsnowman! I love ur family collection, u got a wide range of vibrant colors there.....i'm in love with ur rouge coin purse and ur new magenta shld purse, btw, i also has one magenta twiggy too.....welcome to the magenta family...ahhahahaha
  6. YUMMY!!!!!! as always!
    Gorgeous magenta...I love the last pic! Makes me wanna just dive in!
  7. Congrats, spiral!! :yahoo: The magenta is very cool! I love your collection - it's such a happy, bright bunch!! [​IMG]
  8. such a HOT colour! Congrats!!!
  9. very cute bag!!! love your family pic.
  10. wow...this colour is such a stunner..
    Congrats to ur new the group pic too soo yummy<
  11. What a great picture of the family!
  12. :yahoo: Congratulations:yahoo:

    That magenta shoulder is TDF:nuts:

    I love your whole collection
  13. :yahoo:Congrats on your new Magenta, she is beautiful!!
    And your collection is awesome!!
  14. pics of beautiful magenta b bags seem to jump at me everyday these day - yours is simply gorgeous ! :heart: ...maybe its a sign i should have one too ? :graucho:
  15. YEAH!:yahoo: I LOVE bright accessories!