My Mab Tattoo!! Must See!

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  1. This is HILARIOUS! I have an MAB tattoo on my lower back!:supacool:

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  2. LOL i know you didn't get this in honor of RM?!?! What's it REALLY for LOL

    haha you should send this pic along with your night/night matinee pics to RM to go on their website!
  3. Are those your initials? What a coincidence!! That is hillarious.
  4. 5 years ago my Boy Friend and I got each others initials tattooed on our lower backs.. His initials, believe it or not, are MAB. I actually forgot it was there until I saw it in the mirror this morning.. and it made me think of my RM handbags!!

    The best part is MY initials are RM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahaha!
  5. Haha... Is that henna?

    ETA: Oh, NM... That's an awesome coincidence!
  6. wow that is such a crazy coincidence but awesome nonetheless!
  7. LOL, that's so funny!!!
  8. That's hilarious! :roflmfao: You should tell everyone you got it to express your love for your RMs!
  9. Ha ha ha ha! That is awesome! Tho it would be a little more impressive if somehow it spelled out M.A.T.I.N.E.E.

  10. LOL! What are the chances?!!?
  11. What a happy coincidence!
  12. Ha! That's too cool! Funny enough, my maiden initials are RM.
  13. Didn't Rebecca want pictures of you and your bag? You send in one of your tattoo and your bag!
  14. I've tried to send my pictures in two times but I keep getting a "failed to send" message. I think the box is full maybe? When I re-send the again I will add this pic b/c it's pretty entertaining considering how cookoo we all are for the Morning After Bag!

    Has anyone else had trouble with the address?
  15. That is such a coincidence!