My LVOE charm on all sorts of bags! (LOTS OF PICS!!!)

  1. I know I'm a little late with the whole LVOE line (been MIA for awhile) , but I just got the LVOE cell phone charm a couple of days ago for a really great deal! :tup: Initially I wanted the inclusion speedy because I have been drooling over Rebecca's (LVbabydoll) collection for the longest time and seeing the new bleu really made me want one, but last minute I decided to go for LVOE charm instead, I figured this item is more "limited" and so unique that the minute I saw one for sale, i swept it up! :yahoo:so here she is on my several of my bags LV and non-LV...i know I know I went a little overboard with the pics, but I figured the charm goes with so much!:idea:

    ps I won't be using it on my's too pretty to be banged around! enjoy all the pics!:heart:
  2. on my Speedies...damier 30 and azur 25
    DSC04272.JPG DSC04274.JPG DSC04276.JPG DSC04278.JPG
  3. on my Kooba Charlie and Gucci Pochette
    DSC04268.JPG DSC04270.JPG DSC04284.JPG DSC04285.JPG
  4. mono Partition
  5. It looks adorable! Now I want one, too! You have a great collection of bags! Would you happen to know what colors it comes in?
  6. hi NY, It only comes in one color, it's an ivory colored resin, hope this helps!
  7. Thank you so much! I really LVOE it!
  8. Congrats- it's a lovely piece and looks great on all your bags.:nuts:
  9. I'm so glad you posted these b/c i was thinking about getting a cell charm for my bags since my cell doesn't have the loop to put them on but i didn't know if i'd like it. Now i deff. have to get me one!
  10. i hope you get one! this charm is just too cute and I love the unique look of it...might want to check the stores to see if they still have em!
  11. it looks so cute!
  12. Congrats! It looks great!
  13. congrats, i have that charm it is so cute, you have great bags.
  14. It's so cute! I want one for my Speedy now!
  15. LVOE it! :tup: